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Treats by Jess is the passion project of Eagle Mountain resident Jessica Jorgensen. The history of this cottage bakery began when Jess left the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom. She often spent her days developing new skills in the kitchen, trying recipes she found online, and—eventually—experimenting with ideas of her own. It wasn’t long until Jess realized her talent for baking.

Naturally, Jess started sharing her creations with others. She loved making desserts for large family functions. She often made treats for her husband’s co-workers. Soon, she realized that giving people treats made her even happier than the process of baking them. Treats became Jess’s own particular love language.

So after years of friends and neighbors urging her sell her cupcakes and cookies, Jess has turned her passion for baking into a small business on the rise. A stickler for quality, she creates her treats with only quality ingredients. And, through her meticulous process of preparation (that may take longer than others) Jess can ensure that her sweet creations deliver the same unforgettable flavor, every time!